Co-op deckbuilder Aeon’s End is getting a legacy game

14 February 2018
pic3907606-44075.jpg Aeon’s End: Legacy
Players develop their characters from apprentices to powerful mages over course of replayable campaign

Aeon’s End is taking its polished co-op deckbuilding to the realm of legacy games with an upcoming sequel.

Aeon’s End: Legacy is built around a campaign made up of roughly hour-long chapters (it’s not clear how many chapters make up the full narrative), during which players will grow their character from an apprentice spellslinger to a powerful mage.

As is typical for the legacy genre, players’ choices will guide the direction of the story and the development of their character, with the game’s Kickstarter claiming there are more than half a million potential character combinations. As well as upgrading their characters, players will also be able to add new cards to the market to purchase during future rounds.

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The core gameplay seems to follow in the mould of the original game and last year’s follow-up War Eternal, pitting a team of up to four players against The Nameless as they attack the human stronghold of Gravehold. With a number of sticker sheets and four mystery boxes in the set, though, it seems certain that a number of surprises will be in store during the course of the campaign.

A reset pack is being offered to allow the standalone game to be replayed indefinitely, but individual scenarios and bosses from Aeon’s End: Legacy can be challenged once the campaign has been completed without the need to reset.

80% of the cards and characters in the game (said to be equal to the original game and expansion The Depths combined) will also be compatible with the other entries in the series, letting players carry their kitted-out mage between the games.

The team, including Aeon’s End creators Kevin Riley and Nick Little, is also putting out a fresh expansion for the previous games, titled Buried Secrets, as part of the Aeon’s End: Legacy Kickstarter. Aeon’s End: Legacy itself is due for release this October


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