Century: Spice Road sequel Eastern Wonders has a release date

04 January 2018
pic3898511-44269.jpg Century: Eastern Wonders
Second part of planned trilogy can be combined with first game in new mode

You’ll be able to play the second part of Plan B’s Century trilogy later this year.

The studio behind last year’s excellent spice-trading Splendor-killer (which we named one of our favourite games of 2017) has given follow-up Century: Eastern Wonders a release date of June 13th, which means it’ll launch at the Origins convention over in the US and hopefully find its way to UK shores shortly after.

Designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, Eastern Wonders takes place the century after Spice Road’s 15th-century setting and similarly focuses on the trading of spice, but introduces new gameplay mechanics that reflect the changing historical background and seafaring exploration of the time – including new map tiles based on Indonesia’s ‘Spice Islands’ and other pieces in place of Spice Road’s card-driven action.

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As well as dealing in spice, players will need to upgrade their boats and travel around the map to discover more lucrative trade routes, with more of a movement and delivery feel than the previous game.

While the two games look to be notably different, Eastern Wonders can be combined with Spice Road to form a gameplay mode referred to as ‘Sand to Sea’, although details on how the mode will work are yet to be revealed.

Eastern Wonders will come in the same size box as Spice Road and cost the same RRP of £35, which will net you the tiles, boats, pawns, boards, cubes and four plastic spice bowls similar to the last game.

After releasing a reskinned version of Spice Road last year that ditched the drier historical spice-trading theme in favour of a fantasy world with crystals and golems, Plan B has confirmed that it will not produce a similar spin-off for Eastern Wonders – so if the spice theme still doesn’t do it for you, you’re out of luck.


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