Century: Golem Edition is coming to UK shops after all

16 January 2018
pic3684587-24326.png Century: Golem Edition
Spice Road spin-off previously exclusive to conventions and Plan B’s online store

The fantasy-themed spin-off to Century: Spice Road is headed to shops in the UK later this year, publisher Plan B has confirmed.

A re-theme of Emerson Matsuuchi’s excellent – but overly dry for some players’ tastes – card game (which was one of our favourite games of 2017), Century: Golem Edition replaced the historical artwork and setting of Spice Road with a fantastical world filled with crystals and magical beings, reflected by new manga-inspired illustrations and overhauled components.

Golem Edition seemed to go down a storm when it was released at last year’s Gen Con in August, but remained exclusive to Plan B’s online store (meaning extra shipping for UK fans) and the publisher’s booth at conventions.

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Until now, that is, with the announcement that Century: Golem Edition will be arriving in UK shops sometime in the second quarter of 2018, making it much easier to get your hands on the game. The game’s playmat will remain exclusive to Plan B’s online store.

Spice Road was designed as the first in a planned trilogy of spice-trading Century titles by Matsuuchi, with the second instalment, Eastern Wonders, due out this June and able to be combined with Spice Road to form a new gameplay mode.

Despite the positive reception to Spice Road’s Golem Edition, however, Plan B has confirmed that it has no such plans to release a similar spin-off for Eastern Wonders.


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