Catan, X-Wing and Ticket to Ride maker Asmodee is launching a ‘premium’ gaming accessories brand

24 May 2019
sw-legion-dice-49862.jpg Star Wars: Legion dice
Ultimate Guard lead designer heading up Gamegenic label

Asmodee, the mega-publisher that owns some of the most successful board games of all time, from Pandemic to Dobble, is carving out another piece of the gaming market with the launch of a new accessories label.

Gamegenic is described specifically as a ‘premium accessories’ brand, which will produce accessories such as card sleeves, playmats, dice and storage boxes.

The accessories will be released for “various games and licensed products”, suggesting that we might see game-specific merchandise alongside more universal products.

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Gamegenic CEO Adrian Alonso, who previously headed up accessories firm Ultimate Guard as lead designer, said that the label would aim products at “every price segment”, presumably covering both more budget-friendly options as well as high-end releases.

Gamegenic’s accessories will fit alongside the accessories already released by Asmodee studio Fantasy Flight, which include card sleeves for games such as X-Wing, playmats for KeyForge, Star Wars: Destiny and the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones card games, deck boxes, RPG and wargame dice, stands and tokens.

Gamegenic’s first accessories are yet to be revealed.


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