Catan settles on PC with free-to-play Universe app, immediately upsets players

27 April 2017
ss_879da9576cec8d7ec8d4af3b7e3301e391629f0b-63799.jpg Catan Universe
iOS and Android versions, as well as tournament support, in the works

If somehow you don’t already own Catan on the tabletop and every electronic device going, there’s now another new way to indulge in Klaus Teuber’s modern classic.

Catan Universe has launched on PC via Steam and in-browser, and is free-to-play – or, at least, free-to-start, with local multiplayer against two human opponents, an introduction match for Catan: The Duel and some currency – 100 gold and two scrolls – costing nothing.

The scrolls are used to unlock expansions and access to online multiplayer and single player against AI for a limited time (24 hours) and are bought using gold, so you’ll have to buy some more gold inside the game to keep playing, although you do earn extra scrolls by levelling up. The base Catan game is 500 gold, while a big bundle with the Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansions is 1,600.

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The decision to lock much of the app’s functionality behind in-game purchases hasn’t gone down particularly well with the game’s players: the Steam reviews for the game are currently mixed, with around 60% negative.

If you do cough up for the full game, you’ll be able to create an avatar, chat with players online, form guilds and earn achievements.

Although Catan Universe is PC only for the moment, iOS and Android versions are confirmed to be in development, alongside tournament support and further expansions for the game.


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