Castle Panic marks its 10th anniversary with a Big Box edition this summer

24 April 2019
castle-panic-big-box-72305.jpg Castle Panic Big Box
Don’t Panic

Castle Panic came out a decade ago, and studio Fireside Games is the marking the occasion with a comprehensive collection for Justin De Witt’s light co-op castle-defence game later this year.

The Castle Panic Big Box will bundle together the original 2009 game, in which players work together to fend of hordes of monsters from their stronghold in the centre of the board, with its three expansions released over the last 10 years.

It’s the first time the one- to six-player base game and The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan and Engines of War have been available in a single package – the expansions can be mixed in any combination with the original game. The box will also include seven promo cards and five promo tokens, including a brand new promo for 2019, plus a revised rulebook that gathers the rules for the entire series into a single place. The ‘extra large’ box includes an insert for organising its contents.

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The Big Box is described by Fireside as being ‘limited-edition’, launching this July for $90 (£70).


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