Cards Against Humanity announces largest expansion to date

22 November 2016
c07a3bb3-07b6-40f5-9ef1-f9b0c7f9f8c9-52116.jpg Cards Against Humanity's new (and old-new) expansions
Older decks combined to remedy ‘confusion and upset’

Love-it-or-hate-it party game Cards Against Humanity has announced its latest expansion, as well as a reshuffling of its previous add-ons.

The Green Box includes 300 original question and answer cards for the ‘fill the blank’ title, which equates to half the size of the original game – the biggest CAH extra set to date.

“It’s the best writing we have ever done, we’ve been working on it for a year, and we’re really excited to share it with you,” an announcement newsletter said.

Meanwhile, the game’s previous six expansions have been combined into two similarly coloured packs; the first three decks are now the Red Box, with four, five and six becoming the Blue Box.

The company explained the reconsolidation by admitting: “Our product line has spun out of control, leaving our fans confused and upset. Today we’re taking the whole thing out behind the barn and putting it down like Old Yeller.”

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The Green, Red and Blue boxes will all cost $20.

Cards Against Humanity has also released a pack of 50 blank cards as the $5 Your Shitty Jokes set, for players to add their own question and answer prompts, and the Bigger Blacker Box – used to store the game and its various expansions – has been redesigned to be 60% bigger, making room for the new decks. The Bigger Blacker Box also includes 50 blank cards, the 20-card Box expansion and costs $15.

No, we’re not sure why there’s a banana in the picture.


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