Carcassonne get a spiffing 3D makeover on PC and Android

30 November 2017
carcassonne-mobile-screen-02-48688.jpg Carcassonne
Includes cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer

Tile-laying treasure Carcassonne has come to PC in many different forms in the past, but its latest reincarnation may be its most beautiful yet.

The revamped Carcassonne has just landed on PC and Mac via Steam and Android mobile devices, updating the modern classic with a new 3D perspective that pops the game’s iconic meeples and cities out of the square tiles.

The digital version includes both pass-and-play local multiplayer and support for cross-platform asynchronous matches between Steam and Android players, plus ranked games and leaderboards.

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If you prefer to play solo, there are three different computer difficulties – ramping up from ‘easy neighbour’ to ‘risk-taker’ – with a ‘champion’ AI planned for release as a free update in the next few months for expert players.

Two expansions are currently in the new app; The River is available as DLC for 79p and The Abbot is free if you sign in with an Asmodee account.

Developer Asmodee Digital has confirmed that several of the board game’s other expansions are in the works for the digital adaptation, with Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, and Princesses & Dragons all set to be added in the future.

Both new versions of Carcassonne are on sale for the first 30 days after launch, with the Steam version up for £7 and the game costing £1.79 on Android.


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