Burgle Bros and Paperback sneak and spell their way onto PC

05 December 2017
ss_563af8e8626a7545cacfcce0b282a7614d3fcd86.1920x1080-29173.jpg Burgle Bros PC
Tim Fowers’ games previously came to mobile

The PC versions of Burgle Bros and Paperback are out on Steam now, meaning you can rob banks and then eloquently talk your way out of trouble in time for Christmas.

Tim Fowers' sneaky co-op robbery game and competitive deckbuilding spellathon previously came to iOS and Android, with the PC ports appearing to be almost identical to their smaller-screen siblings.

This includes the asynchronous multiplayer mode introduced to Paperback on mobile earlier this year, which is included in the Steam version.

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Both games are £4 on Steam, or can be bought bundled together for a 20% discount – or just over £6.

If you’re a Mac or Linux fan, you’ll have to wait a little longer to play the games on the big(ger) screen – the digital versions are PC-only for the moment.


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