Blame your neighbours’ pets for pooping on the floor in bizarre card game Who Did It?

04 January 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-01-04-at-10.12.09-58845.png Who Did It?
Out later this year

Passing the buck may seem like a strange theme for a kids’ game, but that’s exactly the focus of Who Did It?, a card game that is quite literally about blaming it on the dog. Or hamster. Or cat. Or parrot. Or rabbit.

Coming out of Kingdomino and Photosynthesis studio Blue Orange, Who Did It? is a 15-minute card game for three to six people that involves players ditching their hand of cards to avoid taking responsibility for a poo that has mysteriously been laid in someone’s living room.

Players race to find their card and throw it down first, pointing the finger at someone else’s animal in place of their own.

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It’s described as being a co-op game about memory – though we’re not sure how blaming each other means working together based on the few drips of gameplay described so far.

Who Did It? is the debut design from Jonathan Favre-Godal and artist Steeve Augier, and is said to be good for kids aged six and up – so at least those old enough to not be likely responsible for the enigmatic turd themselves. It’ll be out in the second quarter of the year.


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