Beautiful Japan exploration game Tokaido is ambling onto iOS and Android later this week

20 March 2017
Tokaido-23254.png Tokaido Digital
Funforge’s first mobile adaptation will include local multiplayer and AI

You’ll soon be able to saunter around the gorgeous landscapes of Japan in the palm of your hand, as Tokaido prepares to trek onto mobile later this week.

The iOS and Android adaptation of Funforge’s cherished 2012 board game will reportedly include local and online multiplayer, as well as the option to play against computer opponents.

As in the physical original, players explore the titular route along the East Sea between Kyoto and Edo, meeting locals, picking up items, tasting meals, visiting landmarks and seeing the scenery.

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It’s an easy-going, peaceful experience backed by stunning artwork and design, which has led the game to sell more than a quarter of a million copies during its five-year lifespan. The app will feature the same rules, but will make some changes to the experience to make it more ‘video game-like’.

Funforge has confirmed its plans for Tokaido to be released for iOS and Android by the end of this week. Keep your eyes on the lookout, but maybe prepare yourself by sitting back with a relaxing meal and tea in the meantime.


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