Beasts of Balance returns to Kickstarter for new edition and Battles expansion

11 July 2017
Main-project-image-93451.png Beasts of Balance: Battles
Competitive mode, ability cards and new creatures

Beasts of Balance, the app-powered game of animal stacking that we enjoyed a great deal when it was released last year, is getting its first expansion.

Battles introduces a new competitive mode to the formerly co-op-only title, which assigns up to three players a particular region of the virtual world. They must then try to fill their environment with the most fabulous beasts, stealing and attacking their rivals’ creatures to reduce their standing.

The pack adds 16 unique NFC battle cards that are scanned into the game using the same plinth that serves as the foundation of the zoological tower. The cards unleash attacks, improve defence and utilise other effects. Knocking over the tower doesn’t result in total failure as in the original mode – instead, the on-screen volcano will rain down lava on the player responsible.

Also new for Battles are three new beasts – a flamingo, chameleon and anglerfish, all rendered in the game’s distinctive style – plus a new legendary dragon creature: Magmaaargh the Cantankerous.

To celebrate the expansion’s launch, Beasts of Balance publisher Sensible Object has headed back to Kickstarter with a new edition of the original game, which keeps the box contents identical but shrinks down the packaging a bit.

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The campaign is looking for $50,000 (£39,000) by August 8th and has already raised more than half of that.

Battles is expected to cost $79 (£61) upon release next March, but is available for $49 (£38) through the Kickstarter.

The new edition of the core box is $79 (£61), down from $99 (£77), and planned for launch this November.


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