Batman: The Board Game is the next big project from Conan studio Monolith

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23 February 2017
batman-comic-hd-wallpaper-0-39042.jpg Batman
Prototype on show at Cannes’ International Games Festival, with a Kickstarter in the works

Monolith, the French publisher behind Kickstarter success stories Conan and Mythic Battles: Pantheon, has teased its next major tabletop project: Batman: The Board Game.

Little is known about the actual content of the DC superhero-themed title, which Monolith unveiled via its Facebook page with a picture of its stand for the International Games Festival in Cannes, where the game’s prototype will be demoed later this week.

However, the booth’s artwork shows the Dark Knight himself, as well as stylised takes on The Joker and Catwoman, hinting at their roles in the mysterious game.

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The other thing to note is that, like Conan and Mythic Battles, Batman: The Board Game will be coming to Kickstarter – although a date for the campaign is yet to be confirmed.

Conan raised $3.3 million on the crowdfunding platform, while Mythic Battles picked up a not-too-shabby $2.7 million. Will Batman beat those impressive totals? Sometimes tells us we’ll find out pretty soon…


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