Batman: The Animated Series miniatures game teased for this summer

30 April 2018
Db0iN7wW4AAZbkW-00903.jpg Batman: The Animated Series miniatures
TMNT: Shadows of the Past studio behind upcoming superhero adaptation

Acclaimed ‘90s TV show Batman: The Animated Series is getting another tabletop spin-off – and, this time, it has miniatures.

The cartoon adaptation of the Dark Knight – which featured Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, as the Joker, among other famous voices – ran for just three years in the mid-1990s, but has continued to be proclaimed as one of the most highly lauded animated shows of all time in the more than two decades since.

The Animated Series has been adapted into board and card games in the past, including last year’s solid social deduction effort Almost Got ‘Im, but it looks like its next outing will be its biggest yet.

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Behind the game is IDW, the studio responsible for the fab Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brawler Shadows of the Past, which put one player in control of the evil Shredder battling against the Turtles across a scenario-driven campaign.

That might hint at IDW’s plans for its Batman game, which the studio teased on Twitter with a picture of five characters’ models – Batgirl, Catwoman, Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon – based on their appearances in The Animated Series. Its hint that "Gotham is under siege" is the only suggestion of what we might be doing in the game.

The only other information we have for the moment is that the game is planned for a launch this summer – ahead of the spring 2019 release of the scenario-based Batman: Gotham City Chronicles from Conan outlet Monolith, which made $4.4 million on Kickstarter, but will not be released at retail in the future.

Whether IDW’s Batman: The Animated Series game will swoop onto Kickstarter before landing with players is yet to be confirmed, but it’s certain there’ll be no shortage of the Caped Crusader this year.


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