Asmodee acquires three German, French and Spanish games firms

03 January 2017
Logotipo_Asmodee-1900x950_c-12263.gif Asmodee acquired F2Z Entertainment last year
Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Edge Entertainment and Millennium join burgeoning publisher and distributor

It looks like publishing behemoth Asmodee hasn’t waited around to fulfil its ‘buy more companies’ New Year’s resolution, as news breaks that the French games giant has purchased three more firms.

First on the list is Heidelberger Spieleverlag, a 26-year-old German publisher-distributor that has had a longstanding relationship with Fantasy Flight and Plaid Hat – which both now reside under the Asmodee umbrella, following its acquisition of Plaid Hat parent company F2Z Entertainment late last year.

Foundations for the merger were laid in 2015, when Asmodee and Heidelberger began distributing each other’s games in their home territories.

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Next up is Edge Entertainment, a Spanish publisher that owns the rights to Citadels in French and Spanish. Asmodee studio Windrider Games recently released a revamped edition of Bruno Faidutti’s 2000 card game before being absorbed into newly-acquired publisher Z-Man Games. Like Heidelberger, Edge has also worked with Fantasy Flight for a number of years.

According to a press release leaked and translated into English (via BGG), Edge will continue to produce original titles and will be headed by by co-founder Gilles Garnier.

Last is Millenium, a Spanish distributor that will rebranded as part of the new Asmodee Iberica division, led by Millenium CEO Jose Manuel Rey.

"We are delighted to integrate three great board game companies with the acquisition of Heidelberger, Edge and Millennium,” said Asmodee CEO Stéphane Carville. “Throughout the past years they have demonstrated high skills in terms of game publishing and distribution that will now strengthen our position in France, Germany and Spain, that are key local markets."


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