April O’Neil is the star of TMNT: Shadows of the Past’s first expansion

03 March 2017
ImageGallery-01-25408.jpg April O'Neil Hero Pack
Upgrade pack adds new miniature, four original scenarios, extra action dice and seven action cards

The first expansion for Kevin Wilson’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board game Shadows of the Past will focus on – who else – iconic Turtles ally April O’Neil.

The April O’Neil Hero Pack will throw in a whole bunch of bits and bobs centred on the redheaded reporter, including a comic with four original scenarios.

There’ll also be a new miniature for April, showing her in a more aggressive pose equipped with the gravity gauntlet, and three additional action dice for increased combat potential.

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Seven new action cards add abilities such as first-aid and stealth suit, plus the chance to put the gravity gauntlet to work by punching foes and sending them flying.

A hero sheet with new artwork rounds out the set, which will go live on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo sometime today.


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