Antiquity reprint on the way in 2017

02 November 2016
pic1174775-92254.jpg Antiquity was first released in 2004
Complex strategy game was last re-released in 2012

Epic city-building strategy game Antiquity is returning after a five-year break.

Joris Wiersinga and Jeroen Doumen’s complex historical farming title sees two to four players build up their city, aiming to claim victory through population growth, conquest, trading prowess or advancing their civilisation in the name of the saint Santa Maria. A game takes around two to three hours to play, as players compete for ever-dwindling resources.

The game originally came out in 2004, and picked up an International Gamers Award nomination for multiplayer strategy. It sits within the top strategy 100 on BoardGameGeek, placing comfortably inside the all-time top 200.

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A second edition was released in 2006, with further reprints in 2011 and 2012, but the game has remained a rare and expensive find for fans and collectors since, often fetching north of £100 for a copy.

Now, Wiersinga has revealed that the game will receive a new reprint next year, teasing the news on the Heavy Cardboard podcast before fully confirming the plan on BoardGameGeek.

“I can confirm there will be a reprint in 2017!” he said. “We do not yet know anything more and are not taking orders yet, as we would first like to get all the Indonesia and Zimbabwe boxes out of the door.”


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