Amigo Spiel to celebrate Bohnanza and Halli Galli anniversaries with new editions in 2017

04 January 2017
pic3325866-87295.jpg Halli Galli Party
Uwe Rosenberg’s bean farming card game turns two decades old while Haim Shafir’s fruity speed title hits 25

German games outlet Amigo Spiel has announced new releases for two of its titles as they hit milestone anniversaries this year.

Bohnanza, designed by Agricola and A Feast for Odin creator Uwe Rosenberg, is a card game of farming beans, with players planting fields and harvesting them to earn coins.

As the name of the new edition, Bonhnanza: 20 Jahre, suggests, the game turns two decades old in 2017. The re-release will overhaul the 1997 title’s artwork on both the front and backs of its cards, as well as adding the new spring bean card, which results in players drawing extra cards, planting one themselves and passing the others around the table for their opponents to plant before converting the remaining card into a Taler.

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The other ‘90s release hitting a big birthday is Halli Galli, the fruit-flavoured speed game by Haim Shafir in which players attempt to form sets of five cards by slamming their hand down on a central bell card – sort of like Snap.

To mark its 25th anniversary, Halli Galli has been reimagined as Halli Galli Party, featuring similar gameplay but with the theme altered to make the fruit musical – which is a thing, we guess.

Players are looking to match fruit, colour and instrument, with an extra challenge to slap their hand down when the singing plum appears – which means stealing all of the cards face-up on the table.

There’s no word on when each anniversary release will hit shelves just yet, but they’re sure to appear before the close of the year – it ain’t over ‘til the fat plum sings.


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