American Revolution wargame 1775: Rebellion coming to tablets

03 November 2016
ss_8989e23ba7e6dfd2f4165ad5c4db111200748f2c.600x338-36521.jpg 1775 is already available on PC
HexWar previously developed a PC version of the game

Academy Games’ well-loved American Revolution wargame 1775: Rebellion is due to march onto tablets very, very soon.

The title, which pits teams of up to two head-to-head as the British and American forces during the fight for independence, previously came to PC and Mac via Steam, but has now been announced for launch on iOS and Android this week.

The mobile version will support solo play with AI and cross-platform online multiplayer, with computer-controller bots available during online matches for co-op play.

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1775 essentially plays like a faster version of 1812: The Invasion of Canada, featuring many of the same mechanics but tweaked to allow for immediate action and more historically accurate gameplay. Cards are used to manoeuvre troops, with dice rolls resolving combat. The side with the most flag markers when the Treaty of Paris is signed wins.

The digital version of the game costs £18.99 on Steam, but a price for iOS and Android has not been announced. Keep your eyes glued to developer HexWar’s site to see when the game goes live.


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