Ambitious co-op legacy game Gloomhaven is finally in shops this month

10 February 2017
pic2437871_lg-03136.jpg Gloomhaven
Designer Isaac Childres made over $386,000 on Kickstarter in 2015

Isaac Childres’ epic legacy strategy title Gloomhaven finally has a release date.

Childres raised more than $386,000 on Kickstarter in late 2015 to fund the project, which centres around a group of adventurers exploring and battling their way through the titular fantasy world together.

Gloomhaven was originally pegged for release to backers of the crowdfunding campaign in May 2016, but later saw its launch pushed back to early 2017 by production issues regarding the player matsand character tuck boxes.

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Backers received their boxes in late January and early February, with Childres confirming on the BoardGameGeek forums that Gloomhaven should arrive in US retailers on February 21st – hopefully making the UK launch not far behind.

Childres has already announced a prequel to Gloomhaven, Founders of Gloomhaven, which drops the co-operative strategy genre for competitive worker placement and auction mechanics.

A Kickstarter is planned for this month, in time for a release in August – although Childres admitted that the ‘tad ambitious’ timing may see the campaign dropped back.


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