Agricola successor Caverna: The Cave Farmers is getting an expansion made by one of its mega-fans

18 April 2017
caverna-64589.jpg Caverna
Untitled 2018 add-on will build on Alex Wilber’s race pack for Uwe Rosenberg’s acclaimed worker placement game

Caverna is the beloved and acclaimed follow-up to Uwe Rosenberg’s equally beloved and acclaimed worker placement masterpiece Agricola, and the cave-dwelling spiritual sequel is now going one step further with a new expansion.

What’s particularly interesting about the currently untitled add-on is that it’s being developed by Alex Wilber, a Caverna super-fan who previously created a much-loved homemade expansion for the game that introduced new races such as hobbits, trolls, kobolds, elves, goblins, gnomes, orcs and gnolls to the dwarf-heavy title.

Wilber’s extensive race packs took around a year to create and were released for free last August.

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According to the creator, the upcoming official expansion for Caverna will be based on the race sets, but will apparently also include “a significant amount [of] more stuff”. Whether Rosenberg will be involved in development – and to what extent – currently remains unclear.

Wilber took to the BoardGameGeek forums for the game to seek out potential playtesters for the expansion, which is currently planned for release in the first half of 2018.

“I'm hoping to get the bulk of the testing done by the end of May, but I expect that further testing over the following couple of months would still be valuable,” Wilber wrote. “The timeline isn't really nailed down yet.

“The expansion is currently in a far-from-publishable state, but on the other hand I've made an effort to get it looking good and it should be quite playable.”


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