After a decade apart, wargame label Alternative Armies is to reunite with

06 February 2017
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15mm website to be deactivated as range moves to redesigned online storefront

Flintloque and Slaughterloo wargame publisher Alternative Armies is to re-merge with its sister outlet later this month.

Alternative Armies originally split off its 15mm ranges, including Alien Squad Leader, Hordes of Things and various historical lines, into their own dedicated website around ten years ago.

Now, the series will be combined with the existing Alternative Armies site, which was recently redesigned to accommodate the returning products under their own 15mm Ranges section.

Once the transition has been completed, the website will be deactivated – although existing contact support channels will reportedly be maintained for the time being, and any orders placed through the 15mm site in the meantime will be honoured.


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“We took this decision for many reasons, including the maintenance time in multiple large websites, the commonality of customers across them, and also our plans for the scales of 15mm and 28mm which we have for this and coming years,” Alternative Armies said in its announcement statement.

“We know this is a surprise, but all will be well, and we are the same great people you already know, and all of the miniatures, game systems, and more you are familiar with will continue on. The team that runs both websites will continue as it is with one much larger website.”

The Scottish publisher also teased its upcoming starter set for Flintloque, Escape from the Dark Czar, and a new range of 15mm miniatures and ruleset planned for reveal in the near future.


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