Adrenaline is getting team modes in its first expansion, out next spring

30 October 2017
adrenaline-adrenaline-19-32940.jpg Adrenaline
First-person shooter-inspired game also introducing poison weapons and a sixth player

The first expansion for 2016’s energetic first-person shooter-inspired board game Adrenaline has set its sights on next year.

Simply known as Adrenaline: Team Game Expansion for the time being, the set’s headline feature is the introduction of team-based modes, with up to three players on either side thanks to the addition of support for a sixth player.

The modes will allow simultaneous play between players, who move and shoot at the same time.

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The pack will also change the way players take each other down with high-powered weaponry, thanks to poison weapons and other new damage mechanics.

An extra character joins the roster of quirky gunslingers, who will be able to use character-specific skills and weapons in certain deathmatches.

Czech Games Edition has confirmed that it’s currently aiming at a release in spring 2018 for the Team Game Expansion, after it was delayed from its original launch date this year.


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