A Monster A Week in Handiwork Games' New Patreon

07 December 2020
And no, the Christmas one won't be your in-laws. We don't think.

They've been busy over at Handiwork Games (resisting the temptation to call them Santa's elves at this time of year), and today announce their brand new Patreon, offering a menagerie of new creatures that are 5E compatible, perfect for your tabletop. 

Patreon is a membership system, where your funds go to the creators more directly. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you may receive a range of things depending on the creator, from early access to exclusives, digital downloads, competitions, etc. In this case, Handiwork Games has created the perfect set of monsters for you to subscribe to. 

Named Handimonsters, the creatures have been designed by Jon Hodgson and Jacob Rodgers, offering specially created artwork of monsters, stats, and full lore filled descriptions. They're directly downloadable.

As for the subscriptions, you can offer as much or as little as you like, with the higher subscriptions containing even more: including a discount for the Handiwork Store, digital art cards, home printable paper minis, and virtual tabletop tokens in portrait and top-down. 

And if the examples are anything to go by, there's excitement to be had in discovering the Knacker, the Grumbler and the Clatterbones, as well as the Quicksilver Troll, or the wrath of the Moat Terror... all to come!

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As for Handiwork Games, they're a UK-based games publisher, owned by industry veteran Jon Hodgson. They may be best known through Beowulf, whereby The Hermit's Sanctuary has been nominated for two ENnies, and is available as a softcover book and a free PDF, but there's also Allstate, Map tiles, Hellenistika and Scarred Lands. 


The Patreon begins with a tier of £3 per month, with three monsters per month, access to its discord, and the last three months of releases. For £4.50 it's four monsters per month, plus the aforementioned discord and content, and finally £7 for full access to everything. You can check these out, and sign up, over on their Patreon by clicking here. 




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