3D Catan Grows Even Further, Plus a Reboot and Championships

24 May 2022
Hold onto your wallets

When the board game world erupted into chatter around the extravagant 3D version of CATAN (namely for the pricetag of $300 and justifying this), there was a mix of discussions. Would it be worth the money? Could a standard game of CATAN be elevated so far? Was this simply a marketing gimmick, or short run for the hardcore collectors?

What arrived was a delightfully made game, with beautiful components offering real distinction between pieces, a big table piece, and almost a collectors item, but there was little discussion of anything that might follow it. Seemingly, you would need this version for your impressive base games of CATAN, but retain the original much cheaper version many of us have on our shelves in order to play the game with expansions - something enthusiasts likely to buy the 3D version in the first place would want to do. 

Today however, Asmodee have confirmed a leap into the next area of 3D gaming, namely offering two 3D CATAN expansions into a single, admittedly large box. You'll be able to pick up Seafarers, and Cities & Knights, at the same scale and design as the original game. With 363 individual pieces, it's no surprise it retains a similar cost, with an RRP set at $399.99. Completing the short collection so far would therefore set you back $700, or about £560. 

In 2D news however, you can find a much less costly reboot of an old Stone Age strategy game based on Catan originally called Settlers of the Stone Age, with Dawn of Humankind. Designed by the original CATAN creator Klaus Teuber and his son Benjamin, it offers new mechanics in the prehistoric era, charting the worldwide migration of the first humans. This will release on 1st October 2022 in the US, Canada, Australia, and importantly for us, the UK. 

Finally, if you're a competitive CATAN player, Asmodee has also confirmed the World Championship to take place in Valetta, Malta, from November 18-20th. This brings together national champions to win what is described as a 'stunning' trophy. Qualifiers can be found on their website or through the CATAN Facebook page

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