£1,700 solid gold Pikachu Pokémon card released to celebrate TCG’s 20th anniversary

24 October 2016
gi2qmxzkbpoikyoaimka-61600.png The card is made from 11 grammes of 24-karat gold
But you can’t use it in tournament play (as if you’d want to)

How much would you pay to show the world your love of Pokémon? £50? £500? How about nearly £2,000?

Of course, it’s a trick question – money can’t buy you love. But if you do have close to two grand spare and want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Pokémon trading card game (rather than wondering how the heck two decades have passed since you first saw a Pokémon card), Nintendo and Japanese jewellery maker Ginza Tanakaha have the thing for you.

The firms have teamed up to launch a limited edition Pikachu card made of 11 grammes of solid 24-karat gold, based on the first edition of the electric mouse’s card and priced at 216,000 yen, which is just under £1,700.

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The card comes in a fancy frame helpfully explaining why you have re-mortgaged your home to buy a Pokémon card, as well as a box stamped with the logo for the 20th anniversary celebrations.

The back of the card features the ‘Pocket Monsters Card Game’ design seen in Japan, with the front text in Japanese.

If you can read Japanese and want to really up the stakes in a ‘winner takes all’ match of the TCG, tough luck – it’s not legal for tournament play.

Orders will be shipped in late December and will only be open until November 7th – so if you’re wanting to flog a kidney on eBay to cover the cost, best make it Buy It Now.


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