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Legacy miniatures game Godtear enters the Kickstarter arena


Godtear, the legacy miniatures game from Guild Ball and Dark Souls studio Steamforged, has shifted from early access onto Kickstarter.

After unveiling the ambitious project at the end of 2017, the studio launched the game into an early access programme at the beginning of the year, releasing a £120 kit that included metal miniatures for four champions and their followers, along with prototype components, that would be used to refine and adjust the game’s rules.

Godtear pits two teams of three champions and their followers against each other in arena-style battles. Unlike Guild Ball, the game uses a factionless team-building system, meaning any of the champions and classes can be used together.

The game is built around a narrative campaign, with the outcome of battles having permanent effects on both the champions and the game board, resulting in evolving abilities and environments that persist throughout a playthrough. There’s also support for organised play and tournaments.

Unlike the early access kit, the Kickstarter version of Godtear includes plastic models of four champions and their followers. The core set is £79, with extra champions unlocked as stretch goals.

The campaign has already made £232,000 on a £30,000 target, with another two weeks to run.

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