Microgame of the Month: Secret Squirrels



Secret Squirrels is a competitive hunting game in which each team races to find all of the acorns as quickly as possible. However, there is a traitor in their midst. In each team there is a gnome hunter disguised as a squirrel who is laying traps for unsuspecting squirrels.



Cut out the acorns and traps and glue them onto cereal box to create tokens.


To Play


Get a deck of playing cards and separate both Jokers and an even split of red and black cards for however many players are involved.


For a six player game, you’ll have two Jokers, two red cards, and two black cards.


Shuffle the cards and deal them out, telling players to keep their card secret and split into teams of red vs grey (or black, unless you have a squirrel themed deck of cards).


Place the hunter’s traps on a surface between everyone and have everyone close their eyes. The black joker takes the traps.


Red squirrels are first to hide their acorns in the play area while the grey squirrels (black) wait outside. Once all of the acorns have been hidden, call in the grey squirrels and start a five minute timer.


While the grey team searches, the grey traitor will have to pretend to be a squirrel looking for acorns while also secretly laying their traps. If a squirrel comes across a trap, they’re dead and can’t continue searching. A gnome can choose to fake their own death.


After the time has run out, the searching team counts all the acorns they’ve found and the total is written down. At this point the team may make a guess at who the gnome was. If they guess wrong, the gnome wins the round. After the gnome has done their victory dance or hung their head in shame, the traps are placed on a surface again and the red joker takes them. Reds wait outside while the greys re-hide the acorns and the game repeats.


The final winner is the team with the most acorns found. If this is a tie then break it with fastest time – number of squirrels who survived – whether the gnome is caught. If there is still a tie, flip an acorn.


Who Made this?


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