Indie RPG Book Club

Join the Tabletop Gaming team for a year of indie roleplaying games in the Tabletop Gaming Book Club.

Each month, gather with other players, GMs and readers to discuss the ins and outs of each title, your experiences playing and a chance to share your adventures.

Who's the host?

Hosted by Chris Bissette, the creator of The Wretched, FEAST, In The Bluelight and Treasures of the Troll King (both for MÖRK BORG). Chris’ obsessive knowledge of roleplaying games will lead the discussion on the game each month before we open to wider reactions. 

What's being covered and how do I join?

Best Left Buried: Deeper by Zachary Cox

Taking place 27 April 2023 18:00

Best Left Buried: Deeper by Zachary Cox. Tomb raiding is a difficult, but lucrative profession, if you do it right. Delve deep into the horrors that lie within these crypts, fight monsters and explore the depths of these dungeons. Published by Soul Muppet.

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Still have questions?

What do I have to do each month?

The short answer to this is as much or as little as you like. It’s great if you want to have fully played a game before joining the webinar, but even if you’ve only read the book or half of it the book club will be a great place to discuss ideas, impressions, and Discover how everyone else got on with it. Even if you feel a bit confused about how to run certain aspects of the game, the community is there to help – and you can always check in on our exclusive book club discord for advice or guidance.

What happens if I miss a session?

If you miss a session, you can always catch up afterwards with the recorded video.