Where's Wally, but D&D – With Dungeons & Dragons: Behold!

16 January 2024
We share a few pages from Dungeons & Dragons: Behold! A Search and Find adventure

What is Dungeons & Dragons: Behold! A Search and Find adventure

The humble ‘where’s Wally?’ has come to Dungeons & Dragons. The classic hunt for the stripey hatted chap has been replaced with a search for the monsters, creatures and various peoples of the worlds of the Forgotten Realms – and there’s a bit of an adventure to go on too.

While naturally aimed at younger audiences, it’s a great companion to the A Young Adventurer’s Guides series of books by Jim Zub. That set of books looks to give younger readers a way into understanding the various worlds of D&D via the monsters that inhabit them. Not only that, these monsters all come with guides to their habitats, and how best to approach them. It’s a cute way of introducing youngsters into the hobby without overloading them with stats, rules and so on.

Equally, this foray into the world of busily designed pages worth poring over in the search for particular characters is a great way to introduce the concept of the adventure. The change of location, the action, everything all happening at once really conveys the ideal Dungeons & Dragons session. At least, that’s true of our experiences anyway.

Not only that, our young adventurers are going to be able to learn their way around the ‘Big Bads’ of the Forgotten Realms with a few pages dedicated to the monsters that really make the adventures worth taking on in the first place. Beyond that, we have a guide to dragons and dragon-kin (such as the Dragonborn) which is obviously an important point to kick off anyone’s understanding of one of the D’s in the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

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What is in Dungeons & Dragons: Behold! A Search and Find adventure?

The book contains scenes from classic locations from the settings. These include Mithral Hall (a classic Dwarven stronghold beneath Frostpeak and part of the Spine of the World), the Yawning Portal (a pub in Waterdeep that is also the route to the Undermountain), and Wyrms Crossing (a double-bridge structure crossing a large river as part of an important trade route, near Baldur’s Gate – i.e. the big smoke).

If all of that meant nothing to you, then it’s likely you’ll be able to work out a little bit of the classic Forgotten Realms lore while working out where everyone in the pictures are.

Have your own go with the image here. Maybe it’ll even spark the idea of getting a party together and slaying a few of those classic monsters, in good time!


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