Wargaming: A Core Space Scenario– A Big Game Hunt

31 August 2022
Super massive black hole

In a previous issue of Miniature Wargames Magazine, there was a neat piece of gaming terrain on the cover of the print version of the magazine supplied by Battle Systems. We also did an interview with the company and asked them about new products that they had coming out and, while I had them under my beady eye, I said: how about a scenario? (as – to be frank – I often do!). This is the result of question: a big game hunt!

This sort of game seems very popular – see the Stargrave features in last month’s issue – so here’s an alternative, especially regarding the modelling side. As you’ll see from Stewart’s introduction he highly recommends playing it on a table jam packed with Battle Systems’ excellent pre-finished, card scenery – and they make some great miniatures as well – but I’ll leave that all up to the reader and let Mr Gibbs take up the story. Ed.



Core Space is a science fiction miniatures game that sees players take control of a band of unique characters known as “Traders” all trying to scrape a living together in dangerous and hostile parts of the galaxy. Set in the “Barrens” – the desolate region of space around our galaxy’s supermassive blackhole – the Traders see themselves relentlessly pursued by the Purge. These are a semi-sentient race of machines whose only goal appears to be to harvest worlds for their bio-matter, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.

The game is designed to be played cooperatively, competitively or solo, in one-off games or as a narrative campaign. As if the struggle for survival in a single game wasn’t enough, over the course of a campaign you’ll be buying and selling everything you’ve looted to enable you to equip your crew with the latest armour and firepower, and keep your ship well maintained. Better still, your crew will earn experience, enabling them to learn new skills to survive the harsh environments.

Games are played out on a detailed 3D board, containing a wide range of Battle Systems’ award-winning, high-density, pre-printed cardboard terrain, and the “real search” system sees you physically searching the crates around the board for the best loot!

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Core Space was originally released in 2019 after a successful Kickstarter campaign and its popularity shows no signs of slowing over two years later. As well as additional Trader crews, later releases have seen new and dynamic NPC factions enter the universe including criminal Gangers and ruthless Galactic Corps, whose independent and easy-to-manage AI turn Core Space into a living, breathing universe. So where does it go from here?

Enter, Core Space: First Born. The First Born were an advanced civilization that conquered the galaxy long ago but were brought low by civil war and placed into stasis. For millions of years they slept, and – when the Traders arrived in a seemingly abandoned asteroid field to pick over the bones of a long-dead people – the First Born were awoken…

Scheduled for release by round about the time you are reading this, this new standalone instalment of the Core Space journey takes Traders into a new and undiscovered part of the galaxy. Optimised as a solo or cooperative experience, players will be introduced to new and exciting Traders, NPCs and of course the deadly new enemy, the First Born. Core Space: First Born also introduces new mining and crafting mechanics to the game. With supplies sparse in this region of the galaxy, Traders will need to utilise every resource they can if the wish to survive!



And now something to get your players hooked!


Big Game Hunters will go to any length to bag a trophy, so it’s no surprise they come with over-inflated egos. However, it seems this time Caaligorn has let his confidence get the better of him and now he’s in trouble! After taking it upon himself to go and exterminate a pair of Rock Worms single-handedly, he’s been ambushed and lost his valuable rifle in the process.

You’ve picked up his distress beacon and have landed nearby to provide some much-needed assistance. Caaligorn has even offered to give you a cut of his earnings, should you help him escape and destroy the Worm Holes in the process…


  • Reward: Game Hunter Assistance

Your task is to free Caaligorn and help him retrieve his rifle. If you can get Caaligorn back to your ship in possession of his rifle, he will join your crew at no cost (using the NPC side of his board) for the following mission. This will last until he is defeated or a Beast enters play, at which point he will revert back to his normal rules – it turns out a Game Hunter’s priorities can quickly shift when there’s a trophy to be found!


  • Reward: Up to 30UA

Caaligorn was originally tasked with securing this area by collapsing all the worm tunnels. If you can help him with this mission, you’ll earn a cut of his fee. For each Worm Hole removed from play, you will earn 5UA at the end of the mission.


Rock Worms

  • Both Rock Worms start the game on the board, at Worm Holes 3 and 4.
  • When assembling the Event Deck, set the cards aside. As soon as at least one of the Rock Worms is defeated, shuffle these cards into the Event Deck.


  • Caaligorn starts the game on the board in the position indicated. He will not activate until at least one of the Rock Worms has been defeated, clearing his path. Once this happens, he immediately joins your crew for the rest of the mission (still using the NPC side of his board). He cannot make Ranged Assault actions until he recovers his rifle.


Caaligorn’s Hunting Rifle

  • The hunter lost his signature rifle in an earlier scuffle with a Rock Worm and it was dragged back into a Worm Hole. Once Caaligorn joins your crew he will tell you the location of the rifle. Roll the Knowledge Die, rerolling 3s and 4s, and place the Rifle onto the corresponding Worm Hole. Only Caaligorn can retrieve the rifle, by Interacting while standing on that Worm Hole. Place it over his item slot – he can now make Ranged Assault actions as normal.


Destroying Worm Holes

  • When standing adjacent to a Worm Hole, Caaligorn may Interact with it to plant an explosive charge inside. Mark it with a Reminder Counter. In the Assessment Phase the Worm Hole collapses – remove it from play. Any Worm on top of it is removed from play, and any other character on top of the hole suffers an attack with three dice and is knocked prone.


Re-roll Rock Worm arrival results if they arrive at a hole that has been destroyed.

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