Spalding Wargames Club – An Introduction

12 January 2023
As seen in Miniature Wargames Magazine, the Last Word sees a charity drive and a wargaming club introduction

How did the club first get started?

Facebook! Martin Jackson, Spalding Wargames Club founder, sent a message out on social media and accidentally made it a public message and was soon inundated with people wanting to join in. So, he had to form a club!


What’s changed in the years it’s been running?

Just greater numbers of members: ever since the lockdowns have ended we have had a noticeable rise in the number of new faces.


What are some of the most popular games at the club?

Currently, Marvel Crisis Protocol; Saga; Star Wars Legion; Flames of War; Fistful of Lead; Warhammer 40K and Frostgrave along with various RPGs. Every couple of months, the club holds a Saturday gaming event, giving members the chance to spend an entire day enjoying the hobby. In the evening, we head out for a meal and a couple of drinks.

What’s wargaming like in your neck of the woods?

We were surprised just how many people there are in our area, a somewhat rural part of the world, who like to roll some dice.


How do you advertise your club?

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We have appointed one of our committee members, Jess, as Social Media Manager. She has been publishing pictures, stories and lots of information on our Facebook page, which is our main portal to the wider world. We have also started exhibiting at wargames events, having won best participation game at SELWG.

However we recently did a Charity event: ‘From Tabletop To Running Track’. Three of the club’s members, Ian Davison, Martin Jackson and Alec Bell took part in the Stamford Race for Life run at Burghley Park in June to raise funds for the charity.

The same day, the club held a special gaming get-together to raise even more funds for Cancer Research. Special demo games were held during the event, (a Harry Potter Dungeons and Dragons game, Star Wars Legion and Warhammer 40K plus a model painting). There was also a cake stall and proceeds went to the charity and further donations were made throughout the duration of the event.

The event raised over £1,000 for charity and it shows how much we as a community can play together but also support each other through even difficult times. “We are all overwhelmed by the support shown by all of our members.” said our Club Secretary, Craig Jackson.


Why would you like to join Spalding Wargamers?

Spalding Wargames Club is a friendly and welcoming group that play tabletop games of all types, from wargames to role playing games to boardgames. They meet every Wednesday at the Vista, Churchgate, Spalding (near St Mary and St Nicholas Church) at 7.15pm. The club is open to everyone aged 18-plus and the first evening’s attendance is free. Check out the Spalding Wargames Club Facebook page to find out more.


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