Peterborough's Board Game Cafe – The Dice Box

03 January 2024
Board Gamers, head to Peterborough! If you're looking for things to do in Peterborough, you're going to want to check out The Dice Box board game café, its newest gaming gem. In this interview, we speak with Director of The Dice Box, Dane Richards, to hear more about it.

Peterborough may be known for a number of things – birthplace of the roast dinner sandwich, Peterborough Cathedral and final resting place to Henry VIII's first wife, or a direct train line to London; and now a board gaming hub known as The Dice Box. Beginning as a store in Leamington, before franchising into Peterborough and Worcester, Director Dane tells us more.

What is The Dice Box Cafe in Peterborough?

Dane: "The Dice Box Peterborough is a board game café, where you can play as many games as you like from a library of nearly 600 games. We can help you choose games, and if we know the rules, even help you to get going! While you are here, we also have table service food and drink so you can eat, play and relax. Not only do we have a large games library for you to choose from but we also have our board game shop area. That’s right! You can take your amazing board game experience home with you!"

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Can you tell us a little bit about how the store first got started?

Dane: "Becky and I have always had a love for gaming, we love nothing more than to sit down and play games together with our two children. It’s a really great way to connect with people and to get away from screens for a little while. Peterborough has got many board game clubs but nowhere in the City Centre where people could come together and enjoy games. Coming across The Dice Box as they were starting to franchise was an ideal opportunity. We jumped on board and became the first Dice Box franchise to open."

Owners of the Dice Box Peterborough pose with smiles in front of the a neon sign saying Dice Box
What’s it like being a gaming hub in Peterborough?

Dane: "It’s great, we love having people come in and enjoy our games. There’s nothing better than hearing happy games going on in something we’ve built. The people are fantastic, we moved to the area many years ago after falling in love with the City and haven’t turned back. We love the people and being able to give something to the community is such a fantastic feeling."

What do you think makes your store unique?

Dane: "Our love for amazing Food & Drink. The Dice Box goes beyond what you’d usually expect from a place like this. Our fantastic Dark Italian Roasted coffee is like nothing in the area and our award winning milkshakes contain real fruit and are amazing. We love the food we’ve got on offer too, from our gourmet burgers to the lite bites we’ve got something for everyone, we’ve even got vegan and veggie options. Having a fully licenced bar with our own Dice Box beers is something truly unique and we’ve got some amazing cocktails on offer too."

A coffee topped with creme sits on a table in front of the Castle Panic board game box. The background shows other tables and a huge wall of board games

What board game titles have you found most popular recently?

Dane: "We’ve got so many titles, over 600, so it’s very difficult to narrow it down. We really see a complete mix on the tables. This time of year though, our party games section has become most popular, and both of us love more tactile strategy games – but we love all genres."

What tabletop and board game events do you run for the local gaming scene?

Dane: "We run three regular events throughout the week and also usually have a special event every couple of months. These include RPG nights, a night to learn the more heavy of our games, and a night for those without their own gaming group, with tickets available on Eventbrite."

A corner of board games in a black shelving unit – these are for sale at The Dice Box in Peterborough

What are The Dice Box's plans for the future?

Dane: "We are truly happy with what we have here in Peterborough, our future is continuing here, running this amazing café and helping you all enjoy the hobby you love."

Huge thanks to Dane for taking the time to sit down with Tabletop Gaming. If you love board games and would like to play with others in the hobby, or just visit with your friends and family, you can learn more about The Dice Box board game cafe in Peterborough via their website. 


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