26 August 2022
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The humble convention is a time honoured method of pulling people with similar interests into a single place to enjoy or explore their hobby, and we can’t help but love them. Especially given the tactile and inter personal nature of tabletop gaming, they’re a chance for us to bond over a copy of Root, lament over a loss in Gloomhaven, and be not judged for the excited noise inducing announcement of a new game that’s perfect for you. And whilst there’s certainly huge board game expo’s that take place across the world – GenCon, Essen Spiel, and more – today we’re giving you the info on five tabletop gaming conventions that take place here in the UK, listed in order of their next event.

Tabletop Scotland

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When & Where?

Tabletop Scotland takes place – surprise surprise – in Scotland, making it one of the few large scale conventions that isn’t England based. Taking place on the 27th & 28th August 2022, it’s at the Dewars Centre in Perth, with sponsors from the likes of DriveThru RPG, UKGE, and Hachette Board Games. 

What is it?

A space for gaming and access to publishers, Tabletop Scotland is home to over 1,000 attendees over two days in an easy to reach location. Though it’s only been running since 2018 (with the break for COVID that many took) it’s quickly become a space to enjoy all aspects of gaming, with a real family friendly focus that’s designed to be welcoming and accessible to everyone.


You can find tickets from their website here, where you can also download their convention program and floorplan.

Tabletop Gaming Live

When & Where?

Taking place on the 17th& 18th of September 2022, Tabletop Gaming Live is hosted by the folks at Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames Magazine. Originally held in London at the Alexandra Palace, for 2022 it’s heading to Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, with the support of local gaming names such as Fan Boy Three, Tabletop Manchester, Steamforged, and Hall or Nothing Games, as well as Dungeons & Flagons for its open gaming area. 

What is it?

An exciting weekend covering all things tabletop. Whether you’re a board gamer at heart, or an RPG enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. Over the weekend you can find over 100 exhibitors, workshops to join, and an open gaming section open until midnight. Plus, the cost of your ticket includes the opportunity for open gaming the day before at the well loved Fan Boy Three FLGS in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Bargain!


You can find out more about Tabletop Gaming Live here, or skip straight to buying your tickets below.




When & Where?

Dragonmeet takes place in London at the Novotel Hammersmith, and will be on the 3rd December 2022. The convention has big plans though, with hopes to move to the Olympia as it grows.

What is it?

This is the biggest dedicated RPG convention, and one of just a handful that takes place in London. It’s easy enough to get to if you’re familiar with travelling to and around London, and it’s your best place to get all the latest news on upcoming RPG plans. Last year we found out more about the Rivers of London RPG from Chaosium, but it was a drop in the ocean of information available that day. With traders on hand to show you their exciting and new wares, live stream events taking place through the day, and a brilliant indie-games-on-the-hour room – where you show up, listen to a designer pitch, and pick which you’d like to play there and then – it’s a busy day for any RPG fan. 


You can pick up tickets from the Dragonmeet website here.


When & Where?

AireCon takes place in the Harrogate Convention Centre, with an emphasis on open gaming and a huge space in which to do so. The next event will take place on the 10th- 12th March 2023.

What is it?

AireCon differs from most other conventions because it’s focussed almost solely on the playing of games, rather than publishers showing off their games – though of course, there is a little of that too! Growing from a small gathering of friends into a large annual event (arguably, still with friends), you can play to your hearts content. With huge open spaces for gaming, opportunities to game with new people, and an enviable bring and buy and games library, this is a board game convention that puts the gamers at the very front and centre, making it a full weekend trip for many.


While you can’t pick up tickets just yet, be sure to sign up to their social media and check back in on their site to get them at the first opportunity.

UK Games Expo

When & Where?

UKGE is an annual event taking place on 2nd-4th June 2023, at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s the biggest of its kind in the UK, even making use of the Hilton Hotel next to it. 2023 will mark its 17th year, and anticipates running across three full halls of the NEC.

What is it?

UK Games Expo is an ever growing behemoth of the tabletop scene, spanning three days – which might just be about enough time to cram everything in! With 20,000 attendees, it’s fair to say it gets busy, which will be why it’s taking up more and more space every year. With open gaming available, as well as talks and workshops in a handy location, it’s no surprise this is often a date in the diary for UK board game convention searchers.


Whilst dates have been confirmed, you can’t buy tickets just yet – so pencil into your calendar a reminder for December when they head on sale.

Honourable Mentions

Of course, though these are perhaps the biggest five, there are a ton of tabletop gatherings in the meantime. For the Wargamers, you may want to check out Salute, run by the South London Warlords, taking place on 22nd April 2023 at the Excel, London, or Partizan, taking place in Newark (date TBC, but occurred in May of last year), or even BritCon in Nottingham.


Board Gamers may like to consider the likes of HandyCon, taking place in Maidenhead in January and August, GridCon, run by Gaming Rules! and taking place in South West of England, Strange Games Festival where you’ll play Werewolf by the campfire in a weekend of camping in the Sussex countryside in August (it sold out this year, but keep an eye out for next!)


There are tons of additional gatherings worth attending, and any will offer a chance for you to do what we do best - play games!

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