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The Fallout miniatures game already has a full campaign expansion in the works


Post-apocalyptic roleplaying video game Fallout is on its way to the tabletop, and publisher Modiphius has been teasing further details on the miniatures wargame ahead of its November release.

It’s already known that Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will include support for both competitive skirmishes and co-operative missions, but Modiphius’ Chris Birch has now revealed that a ‘huge’ expansion focused on building out the game’s campaign is already in development.

Speaking to Geek and Sundry, Birch said that the expansion will introduce advanced AI rules for enemy units, support for building and customising a ‘crew’ of friendly miniatures from scratch, creating settlements from buildings and more. Also mentioned was the possibility of faction-specific quest cards that unlock further cards and equipment and provide a narrative route through the story.

As suspected, Birch confirmed that Wasteland Warfare will focus on Fallout’s latest numbered entries – 2008’s 3 and 2015’s 4 – initially, with locations and characters from the series’ first two 1990s entries on the PC and more recent spin-off New Vegas due to follow later.

Expansions will introduce additional factions, such as the Institute, Raiders and Minutemen, to bulk out the starting triad of Survivors, Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel. Modiphius says the core set will include both male and female miniatures of the player-controller Lone Survivor, plus characters from Fallout 4’s Sanctuary Hills settlement such as Preston Garvey and Codsworth.

Among the characters Birch said the publisher is working on bringing to the game in the future are Paladin Dance, Elder Maxson, Knight-Captain Cade, Dr. Zimmer and Armitage, and Super Mutant companion Strong, as well as any others that receive enough interest from the community.

The post-apocalyptic currency of caps will play a role in players’ loadouts, serving as a points replacement to limit the size and strength of forces and upgrades, such as settlement resources that provide in-game buffs.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is planned for release in November after a pre-launch at Essen in October. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

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