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Hollywood stars skip Golden Globe Awards after-parties for Catan game night


In a nice change to the common portrayal of board games in Hollywood as little more than a cheap punchline for jokes about socially awkward nerds, two of the film industry’s A-listers took the opportunity on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet to sing the praises of tabletop staple Catan.

“Later on will you be doing some misbehaving? You gonna party and rock it out tonight?” one host asked Frozen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard of Without a Paddle, Parenthood and Punk’d fame, who also presented one of the evening’s accolades.

“We’re going to going to play Settlers of Catan,” Shepard casually replied.

“We have a very strict eight o’ clock start for game night tonight back at our house,” Bell clarified.

“Yeah, that’s our after-party,” Shepard adds, to the apparent disbelief of the presenters.

“If anybody knew what was up they’d all be going to play game night as well,” Bell then insists.

The presenters, clearly taken aback by the suggestion, ask the couple to explain Catan, to which Bell explains: “It’s a wonderful, intense strategy-driven [game]. But it also causes rifts. It has broken friendships and we fight when we play it.”

Still seemingly unable to grasp the idea that celebrity actors might be able to have a genuine interest in board games over a vacuous awards ceremony, the pair of presenters ask Bell and Shepard to Instagram photographic proof of them in their onesies playing Catan – which they did (minus the onesies).

Bell and Shepard have previously expressed their love of board games, particularly Catan, in past interviews, joining A-listers such as Vin Diesel, Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson who have publically revealed their tabletop fandom.

If you’re wondering, Diesel is a massive fan of Dungeons & Dragons, while Catan appears to be a shared favourite among the rich and famous – we wonder who introduced the game to Hollywood.


Let the after party begin. @daxshepard @goldenglobes @settelersofcatan #GoldenGlobes #settelersofcatan

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