Tabletop Gaming - Issue 90

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MIGHTY MINIATURES: Taking over your tabletop

On Sale: 26/04/2024

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What's in this Issue?

From wargames, to RPGs, to board games and beyond, we’re looking at the world of miniatures. We’ve got everything you need to know about the new Fallout: Factions, Halo: Flashpoint, the return of Guild Ball, and Battletech’s new takeover… plus much more!

What’s in this issue:

•    FALLOUT: FACTIONS: Loved the new TV show? We’re talking bringing the franchise to skirmish game with its designer
•    GUILD BALL: The rise and fall and rise again of the popular game
•    BATTLETECH: It’s back – but did it ever go away? Everything you need to know about BattleTech
•    DO IT YOURSELF: Making minis, painting minis, repurposing minis – we’ve got the tips you need.
•    BIG REVIEWS: Basic Roleplaying Game, Agemonia, Sabobatage, Imperial Miners, Queen by Midnight and so many more!

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