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Big Boss | Lorcana | DIE RPG

On Sale: 28/07/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Come read about the hottest games around in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming!

As many people are packing bags for holidays away from our beloved tabletops, there’s still plenty more of us having a whale of a time with so many hot new games to keep the summer doldrums at bay! We’ve jammed as many reviews covering the latest and greatest games going to help you find your next Must Play game

What’s in this issue:

•    BIG BOSS: This capitalist classic is back on tabletops after nearly 20 years, is this the Big Game for the summer? Find out in our review!
•    LORCANA: The biggest new TCG is previewed here! Check out our primer on the first ever Disney TCG as well as our interview with co-designer Ryan Miller
•    CLASH OF THE TITANS: George Barker gives you the rundown of Matagot’s trilogy of mighty mythical board games to help you find the best one for your play group
•    DIE RPG: We got to chat with award-winning writer Kieron Gillen about their love song to RPG heartbreak. We also have our review on whether you should give this system a go

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