Tabletop Gaming - Issue 80

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Star Wars: Shatterpoint | UK Games Expo 2023 | Lord of the Rings MTG

On Sale: 23/06/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Summer starts with Shatterpoint!

The weather’s too hot and there’s just too many good games releasing to not spend your summer playing some of the latest and greatest games of 2023! We have reviews for some of the biggest titles, our coverage of UK Games Expo and plenty of other gaming greatness to get excited about!

What’s in this issue:

•    STAR WARS: SHATTERPOINT Is this latest heroic miniatures game going to bring balance to the force? We have our review of it here!
•    UK GAMES EXPO 2023: Our coverage of the UK’s biggest gaming convention! Including game previews, coverage of the Star Wars: Legion World Qualifier and an interview with Playtest UK
•    LORD OF THE RINGS & MTG: We hear from the art director in charge of visually adapting the world of Middle-Earth to Magic: The Gathering
•    BIG REVIEWS: Including Distilled, Deal with the Devil, Moon, Kingmaker, Marvel: Zombies and much more!

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