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CATAN REMEMBERED | 38 Reviews | Indie RPG review special

On Sale: 26/05/2023

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What's in this Issue?

We take some time this issue to say goodbye to a legend of game design, Klaus Teuber. His game launched an industry towards the mainstream in the way no other had and we pay homage not only to his impact as a designer, but the way CATAN has touched all of our lives.

What’s in this issue:

•    FREE: DIGIMON STARTER CARDS for all copies purchased in the shops
•    CATAN: REMEMBERED: We celebrate the life of Klaus Teuber, and what his game Catan did for the entire industry.
•    DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS: Is this your D&D replacement? We think it just might be.
•    GAMES ON VINYL: We take a bunch of games that come with their own soundtrack and take them for a spin.
•    BIG REVIEWS: Including… Frostpunk, ISS Vanguard, MechADream, Challengers, FlickFleet, Rise…!
•    INDIE RPG REVIEW SPECIAL: Including… Moonlight on Roseville Beach, bastards., Bottled Sea, Black Sword Hack and Shiver…!

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