December 2020 - Issue 49

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7th Citadel | The Digimon Card Game | Beyond the Sun

On Sale: 27/11/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Issue 49 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine is heading into uncharted territories and brave new worlds. We travel to The 7Th Citadel to discover what Bruno Sautter and Ludovic Roudy have in store for us in their new hope-filled base-building follow up to The 7th Continent. We also get digital with the new Digimon Card Game – a wild and swingy game that see you pitting these reconfigurable digital monsters against one another. Plus, we blast off into space with Rio Grande with their new thinky Eurogame, Beyond the Sun. Strap in then, as lift off is commencing in 5… 4… 3... 2… 1…

The Digimon Card Game – It’s time to become a champion of the digital world in this new monster battling card game. Plus, our most anticipated cards.

The 7th Citadel – Explore the Collapsing Lands of The 7th Citadel, a dark, medieval fantasy world full of necrodruids, giant worms, and monstrous plants.

Beyond The Sun – We’re on our way to infinity, in this smart game of spacefaring civ building.

Xenolanguage – We join Thorny Games for a chat about their new alien language game in the spirit of Arrival.

Dungeon Degenerates Painting Guide – Is it possible to paint in the ‘acid vomit’ style of this neon punk adventure game? It turns out, yes. Check out this super exciting painting technique.  

Plus loads more! Including: How We Made Treasure Island, Solo Adventure Games, Our Accessories Guide (just in time for Christmas)

Games reviewed in this issue:

Zombie Teenz Evolution
1565, St . Elmo’s Pay
Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archive
Britannia: Classic and Duel Edition
Gods Love Dinosaurs
Beyond The Sun
Out Of This World
A Game Of Cat And Mouth
The Lost Words
Troyes Dice
Atheneum: Mystic Library
Dungeon Drop

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