August 2019 - Issue 33

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On Sale: 26/07/2019

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Summer of Roleplaying Special!


Dungeons & Dragons: Descent into Avernus: Ahead of the fantasy RPG’s momentous journey into the depths of the Nine Hells in this year’s Descent into Avernus adventure, principal story designer Chris Perkins tells us about returning to Baldur’s Gate, surviving the Blood War and taking inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road.


Pathfinder: Second Edition: A fantasy roleplaying giant in its own right, Pathfinder’s second edition brings over a decade of changes and stories to the RPG for players new and old. Director of game design Jason Bulmahn runs us through everything you need to know.


Chris Spivey: The roleplaying designer speaks to us about confronting racism in his acclaimed Lovecraftian RPG Harlem Unbound and upcoming western Haunted West.


Die: Kieron Gillen tells us about his ‘goth Jumanji’ comic book for roleplaying fans – and the real RPG it spawned.


Undaunted: Normandy: David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin follow up their acclaimed War Chest with an innovative blend of deckbuilding and tactical wargaming set during World War II. The designers reveal their efforts to stick to history, the evolution of the game – and their friendship – over years of work and their plans for the future. Plus, read our definitive review!


Games for kids: As the summer holidays begin, we run through the perfect games to enjoy with younger players – and older players, too.


H.G. Wells’ Little Wars: The War of the Worlds author was also a pioneer in the world of miniatures wargaming. Over 100 years since Wells published his rules for playing with toy soldiers, we look at the legacy of Little Wars.


How We Made: Viticulture: Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone pop open the cork on their winemaking strategy hit.


10 of the Best: Animal Games: From cats and dogs to camels and bears, we pick ten games starring creatures of every kind to bring a menagerie to your tabletop.



Dungeons & Dragons: Acquisition Inc.


Smash City

Roll for Adventure

Sea of Thieves RPG

Patchwork Doodle

Waters of Nereus

Blackout: Hong Kong

Combo Fighter

Slide Quest

Proving Grounds

Dust on the Wings

The Expanse RPG


Villainous: Wicked to the Core

Patchwork Doodle


+ more!


On sale 26 July 2019

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