Tabletop Gaming - Issue 66

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Blaseball hits a home run, Cthulhu bothers the Romans and Magic turns to organised crime all in TTG issue 66 + 27 Reviews

On Sale: 22/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

BLASEBALL – The absurdist sports game and internet sensation hits our tabletops in style. We talk to Wayfinder Games about their attempt to tame a game of weird weather, sports playing mice and deep meta-lore into a classic card battler.  

COHORTS OF CTHULHU – We head back to the Roman era and find that even in the world of be-sandaled heroes, Cthulhu is still up to its old tricks.   

NEW STREETS OF CAPENNA – Jump into the new Magic: The Gathering set and meet the crime families who are running this town. (And also some really exciting new game mechanics!) 

THE TERRAIN GAME – We dive for cover in this exploration of the most interesting movers and shakers in the RPG terrain, props, and battlemaps game. We show off some of our favourites, and explore how they’re making our games live on the tabletop. 

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