Zombie Dice review

16 December 2015
zombiedice-88293.jpg Zombie Dice
Can you satisfy your hunger for brrrrrrains?

Steve Jackson Games | Dice game | 2+ players | 10 minutes | www.sjgames.com 

The inevitable zombie invasion has begun and, sadly, it’s already too late for you. That’s right, in some kind of freak accident you’ve become one of the walking dead and are now shuffling about eating brains. Thankfully though, you still enjoy rolling dice and pushing your luck, so Zombie Dice is the perfect game for you.

Like so many of the push-your-luck dice games, this is the perfect introduction before a night of more in-depth action. Each turn you take three dice out of the Zombie Dice cup and roll then. Any brain icons that you roll you get to keep, while footprints return to the pot and shotgun blasts, as you might expect, aren’t great for a zombie’s health. Roll three shotgun blasts and it’s game over and you lose any points you’ve scored that turn.

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The risk for the hungry zombie is in the difficulty of the dice and how easy it’ll be to scoff those tasty brains. The green dice are the easiest, so you should be able to get a brain on those, the yellow dice are slightly tougher and the red dice are like Ash from the Evil Dead tooled up with ally manner of nasties ready to wipe you out. This means you’re going to have to decide when it’s time to call quits on your grey matter feasting. If you’ve already got brains on the red dice, then it’s probably worth carrying on but if you’ve got red dice left then you may want to call it quits. But zombies aren’t known for their intelligence are they, so perhaps you’ll want to risk it for just a few more points?

Gameplay is over once a zombie scores 13 brains and then they can chow down in peace. Zombie Dice isn’t a tactical game, it’s a game that entirely relies on luck but, you know what, you’ll have a blast while playing… hopefully it just won’t be a shotgun blast.

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