Zombicide Wulfsburg expansion review

11 July 2016
wolfsburg-05126.jpeg Wulfsburg
Brad Harmer-Barnes reviews the latest Zombicide expansion from Cool Mini or Not

Zombicide Wulfsburg

Designed by Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien and Nicolas Raoult

Published by Cool Mini or Not and Guillotene Games

RRP: £49.99

What’s better than fighting zombies? Fighting werewolves, of course! What’s better than fighting zombies and werewolves? FIGHTING ZOMBIE WEREWOLVES!

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My love for Zombicide’s new Black Plague setting grows exponentially as this new expansion pack throws in my most favoured – and the horror genre’s most under-utilised – monsters: werewolves. What I especially like is that the feel of the game has stayed true to the original concept. Although this feels as though it could be straying into Ravenloft’s dark and gambrel-roofed territory, it’s still way more Evil Dead II than Bram Stoker. In the box, you get four new playable characters, including the undead-goth looking Morrigan, and the Arya Stark-esque Ariane. A little more variety is always good, plus it means that you could – theoretically – play Zombicide: Black Plague with up to ten Survivors.

The miniatures are of exactly the high standard that you’ve come to expect from Zombicide. I haven’t yet tried painting them, but there’s certainly a lot of detail there, so I imagine all those of you who enjoy that sort of thing will have an absolute blast. The zombie-werewolves (and, in particular, the Wolf-Bomination) are a truly great set of miniatures – and I think they could have a life outside the system, for various different settings.

The extra weapons and items you receive in the box should also help to spice up your games. They are – again – all in keeping with the splatterpunk horror/fantasy vibe of the setting. The “Vampire Crossbow” is an especially fun weapon, healing the user each they dispatch one of the undead – very useful if you don’t have a cleric in the party. So much, so more of the same…right?

The biggest change in the rulebook is the addition of altitude rules. This means that your characters can now run up nearby towers and buildings, and lets them shoot flaming arrows down onto the zombies/Deadites in the streets. A simple and subtle change, but you don’t have to be an old hand at skirmish gaming to realise what sort of opportunities this can throw up in a game.

Included in the book – along with the additional rules – are ten extra scenarios, way more than I was expecting. I don’t normally like to bring up the price of a product in a review (if you’re reading this, you’re a dedicated gamer, and you spend your money on your hobby), but here I feel that it’s warranted. While £49.99 may seem like a lot to spring for an expansion, you get a lot in the box, both in terms of raw materials and in terms of table time. All things considered, this is a fair price for the contents. If you’re digging Zombicide: Black Plague, it’s well worth your time and money. [Review by Brad Harmer-Barnes]

This review was taken from issue 399 of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames. You can order your copy online.


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