World-Z League Review

25 September 2022
It's time for brains and elastic bands

It’s been some time since the zombie apocalypse, to the extent that survivors are left with only elastic bands to wield against the undead fiends. At least that’s how it appears upon first glances at World-Z League. In truth, players are members of the Zombie Shooting Association, tasked with eradicating the zombie threat whilst simultaneously competing for points. On the tabletop, deadly firearms have been replaced with (slightly) less deadly elastic bands, which will be eagerly pinged at the rotting targets, with the winner being the player to net the most points after two rounds.

Starting a game of World-Z League will require the assembly of the four included cardboard buildings – which unfortunately stand no chance of fitting back in the box once built. Following this, each player will place out their chosen team of four zombies in and amidst the terrain, collect their elastic bands and score dial, and begin. From the chosen shooting area (typical five to seven paces away from the table) players will take turns flinging elastic bands and hoping to knock down their opponents’ zombies. Each zombie has a value emblazoned on its reverse indicating how many points are awarded when knocked down. Players will mark this on their score dial along with the values of any fallen zombies accidentally shot by their owners. Once all bands have been fired, the board is reset and another round begins.

World-Z League may offer reasonable production value and table presence with its cardboard buildings and brilliantly chunky wooden zombies, but on the whole there’s not enough substance or content here to incentivise players into buying this over rustling up their own DIY versions. Whilst it’s all undoubtably fun, the game could’ve had greater staying power if bulked up with some more varied modes of play.



Designer: David Gregg

Publisher: Trick or Treat Studios

Time: 30-60 minutes

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Players: 1-4

Ages: 13+

Price: £36


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