Turbo Sleuth Review

01 October 2022
Not a match for Dobble

When you mix Dobble, a hectically fun puzzle party game about finding matching symbols on different cards, with a murder mystery you get Turbo Sleuth. Just like Dobble, in Turbo Sleuth players reveal cards and race against each other to find matching symbols on them. Only Turbo Sleuth ups the stakes. Instead of finding just one matching symbol, you need to find the murderer’s portrait that appears the most and then also the weapon that appears on every single card. But – there’s more – if the weapon doesn’t appear on every single card, then it’s the one with a connecting line to the murderer. And – there is still more! – the game also offers advanced alternative modes, for example finding the witness, the portrait that appears the least on the cards or a missing weapon, the weapons that – you guessed it – doesn’t appear on cards at all.

As board games go, Turbo Sleuth doesn’t have too many rules, but when you are frantically trying to find a matching symbol across multiple cards, remembering anything beyond the immediate task is extremely hard. You could take a guess, in fact this is a potential strategy within the game, but make a mistake and it will cost you victory points. Although, extra rules make it harder and add variety to the gameplay, they also slow the pace of the game. Where Dobble is all shouts, fast card play and an adrenaline rush, Turbo Sleuth is a much slower, slightly ponderous play, while players sit in silence counting the number of portraits on each card. While an added challenge and variety are always appealing, Turbo Sleuth might have lost some of the elegant simplicity that helped make Dobble a massive hit.



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Designer: Daniel Lee Yingjie

Publisher: WizKids

Time: 20 minutes

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Players: 2-8

Age: 10+

Price: £20

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