Terror In Meeple City

14 December 2015
Live out your wildest fantasy of being a monster destroying a city

Repos Production | Dexterity | £44.99 | 2-4 players | 45 minutes | www.rprod.com

The game formerly known as Rampage, Terror in Meeple City (somewhere we would no doubt all like to live) gives you the chance to live out your wildest fantasy of being a monster destroying a city, while listening to the screams of your victims and laughing as the buildings topple to the ground crushing their inhabitants. HAHAHAHAHAAAHA. Oh… that’s just us, is it? Anyway, Terror in Meeple City sees you trying to cause the most damage possible and killing all those meeples HAHAHAHAHHA… sorry, it’s been a long day.

Things start off well in the game as you build a little 3D version of the city in question with meeples holding up the floors in each building... health and safety regulations be damned! This takes rather a long time, which is all the more tragic because you’re about to destroy your creation.

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On your turn you have a number of options – moving, picking up items, smashing a building or (and we’re not kidding here) trying to blow the buildings down. All of these actions are done physically within the game. The wooden monsters are a little like Subbuteo figures and can be flicked around the board to move. If you’re standing next to a bus or van, you can pick it up and then flick it towards a building, while smashing a building sees you picking up the monster and dropping it on the board.

As the buildings topple down, any meeples that are uncovered in the destruction are quickly gobbled up, while others still hidden under building tiles cower in fear. However, you need to be careful because although you want to destroy buildings, any meeples that are knocked off the board cause you damage. Plus meeples you knock near to your opponent will be scoffed by them instead.

Someone picking up this game may be expecting 45 minutes of wanton destruction but, again, it’s probably got more in common with Subbuteo as you attempt pin-point flicks and drops.

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