Star Trek Adventures: Command Division Sourcebook RPG review

14 September 2018
star-trek-command-division-1-07543.jpg Star Trek Adventures: Command Division Sourcebook
Boldly going, or too far gone?

While every Star Trek fan has their own favourite characters and roles, there’s no denying that most of us have fondly daydreamed about sitting in that fancy seat and taking charge of a starship. This slim sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures helps players to realise those dreams, though they may soon find that there’s more to being in charge than just yelling orders.

There’s no denying that the Command Division Sourcebook is an odd proposition. After all, the very nature of the game means that each group will only have one or two characters in the division at any one time, which raises the question of what this book is for, exactly?

Well, let’s start by going over what is isn’t for. This is most certainly not a book that’s simply stuffed with new options and powers for command division players. While there are a handful of new talents on offer, they’re far from the focus.

Instead, much of the book is based around creating interesting scenarios and challenges that centre on the captain and other leaders. This ranges from setting up guidelines on court martials all the way to setting up rules for large-scale fleet battles and, while these may send one or two characters to the forefront of the action, it also leaves plenty of room for others to contribute and get stuck in themselves.

There’s a lot of information crammed into the supplement, and almost every page contains one or two titbits that could spark off an exciting mission or an entire campaign. A section on potential storylines doesn’t go into a huge amount of depth, but instead suggests ways to send players off on a diplomatic mission, or even setting up an internal conflict with Starfleet’s own internal security.

Similarly, the more rule-focused parts of the book aren’t particularly dense but contain just enough to provide ideas and give players a handful of new options. The GM gets systems for managing social conflicts and an assortment of NPCs, while players get some new ships to check out and a list of medals and other honours that they can qualify for.

The Command Division Sourcebook isn’t utterly vital to playing Star Trek Adventures but is well worth picking up if you’re looking for new ideas, options or just an entertaining read. 


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Designer: Modiphius team

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Artist: Various

Pages: 120

Age: 13+

Price: £25


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