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01 February 2016
Build your own flat pack dungeon, thanks to 4Ground.

4Ground | Terrain | £16 - £26 |

If you’ve ever put together an IKEA wardrobe the thought of flat pack furniture probably fills you with dread. Those terrible moments when the door’s upside down or you look at the empty box to see you’ve got numerous ‘mystery’ pieces left over, only to realise at a later date they were crucial components to stop it falling to bits. However, this fear of flat pack shouldn’t put you off 4Ground’s range of fantastic laser cut pre-painted MDF terrain.

One of the company’s most recent releases are the Ruins a Daldorr, a series of interlocking dungeon-style interior pieces that can be used to create some fantastic terrain for your fantasy games. These are part of 4Ground’s 28mm Fabled Realms range, which features everything from a large scale City Watchtower (which clocks in at a hefty £125) to smaller houses for £16. Again,
everything is pre-painted meaning that once everything is put together you can plonk them straight onto the tabletop.

But how easy are they to piece together? Well, judging by the four items in the Daldoor Ruins (Corner Ruins one to four), they’re actually pretty simple. The most complicated (and largest) is Corner Ruins three, which includes a small staircase and a hint of a second floor. However, we breezed through the construction in just over an hour and were very impressed by the results.

The instructions are clearly written, with pictures of every stage and the components you’ll need for that particular section of the build. There are even handy tips for ensuring a solid build… who would have thought clothes pegs could be so useful?  What’s more impressive though, is how easily it all slotted together and there was never a point when we needed to sand anything down to ensure a decent fit – guess that’s the beauty of laser cutting. Another nice touch in the Ruins of Daldoor is the fact you can customise your design to suit your gaming needs and you can even combine the sets together to create new structures. That’s because some sections – like small walls or the ruined floor tiles – don’t need to be glued to the main structure, ensuring you can swap them in and out, depending upon your needs. When you’ve got all four Corner Ruins, you can create a very nice interior of a ruined castle room or dot the smaller pieces around a battlefield to create the impression of a much larger structure that’s been devastated by an attack.

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So, what kind of games might you use the Ruins of Daldoor for? Well, one of our earlier reviews, Frostgrave, certainly seems like a great choice for these as it takes place in the ruins of a large city. In fact the background provided by 4Ground related to Daldoor fits nicely with that of Frostgrave.

Admittedly 4Ground’s products don’t necessarily come cheap and to pick up all the Corner Ruins would set you back more than £70 but for that price you’d get a selection of versatile pieces of terrain that would look great on any tabletop.

If you’re looking for some quality terrain to bring life to your gaming table, then 4Ground certainly has you covered. The versatility of these sets means they’re useful in a range of different games and, although they’re not exactly cheap, the Ruins of Daldoor are very well made kits with easy to follow instructions.



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